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Individualised education supports equality and responds to the needs of working life

Universities play an important role as the foundation of the education system

By relying on research data and fostering quality, we will build a superior educational path from early childhood education and care to continuing education. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  • Prepare a long-term funding plan for increasing the educational level of the population
  • Take up means to increase accessibility and equality in studies
  • Utilise researched knowledge to support the development of the entire education system

Flexible study paths increase the accessibility of education

Universities respond to the transformation of work through high-quality degrees and continuous learning, student-oriented guidance and builing a model country for flexible learning out of Finland. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  •  Take into account the important role of universities in the reform of continuous learning
  •  Reserve resources for developing digital pedagogy and individual guidance
  •  Support the long-term implementation of Digivisio 2030, shared by higher education institutions

International higher education is part of Finland’s success strategy

Without the versatile mobility of experts and supporting efforts of society, we cannot maintain the welfare state and create sustainable growth. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  •   Continue to streamline the entry and settling of experts in Finland
  •   Offer graduates the opportunity to stay in the country permanently
  •   Improve the cyclical power of higher education graduates (employment abroad and return)