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Knowledge and education are the key pillars of democracy

Researched information helps to make wise decisions

Research data is always based on long term-work and critical discussion in the scientific community, which is why it provides a solid basis for wise solutions. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  • Increase dialogue with researchers through new means of scientific advisory
  • Include researched knowledge in political preparation already at an early stage
  • Strengthen Finland’s crisis resilience through scientific and artistic research

Universities support the activities of a stable civilised state

The academic community plays a key role in promoting critical thinking and strengthening active citizenship. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  • Support the creation of a science-friendly atmosphere throughout society
  • Ensure industrial peace in universities with long-term funding and a solid regulatory basis
  • Avoid extending economic and political steering into universities

Finland can grow into a defender of democracy larger than its size

The destabilisation of democracy has gained ground in the world and human rights are at risk in many countries. This development must be stopped by means of education. It is therefore important for decision-makers to:

  • Make education and researched knowledge equally available to all in Finland
  • Defend an education-based society in global networks
  • Strengthen education and research in cooperation with developing countries