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Universities, builders of a responsible and renewable society


Environmental crisis, demographic change and digitalisation – in order to overcome the upheavals ahead, we must be able to imagine a future that does not yet exist. Researchers and companies must create breakthrough innovations to make sustainable growth a reality. Regions must attract top professionals to work, and people must be guaranteed the means to keep up with working life. It is particularly important to take care of democracy, our most valuable capital.

As pioneering thinking hubs, universities are excellent partners for renewing society and business. By investing in research and education, we will build the future for Finland as a stable and responsible country that can overcome even unexpected challenges.

Sustainable growth springs from innovative research

  • Long-term research reforms society and business
  • Attractive ecosystems draw in significant RDI investments
  • Partnerships with universities guarantee the vitality of regions

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Individualised education supports equality and responds to the needs of working life

  • Universities play an important role as the foundation of the education system
  • Flexible study paths increase the accessibility of education
  • International higher education is part of Finland’s success strategy

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Knowledge and education are the key pillars of democracy

  • Researched information helps to make wise desicions
  • Universities support the activities of a stable civilised state
  • Finland can grow into a defender of democracy larger than its size

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Research and education are the best investment for the future!